This is a theory floating around the web, becoming the elephant in the room, and as sad as it may be to me….it could be true, or Not, Hit the Jump.


Listen, I have been Promoting and Pushing G+ since it 1st appeared, and Still believe it’s good for content for say my Tech Posts, and they do have close to 100 Million user’s, but even with that, there is NO real excitement. And the people that I do know that have G+, haven’t used it(except for the techies, cause of the Tech content on there), so that is what brings us to this question, is G+ failing?? Honestly, it’s still hard to tell, I mean Google has the resources to keep G+ going for a while, and they will because they want to be in the Social Network race, and if there is 1 thing I’ve learned from being at Hot 97 for SO long(almost 15 years), it’s that if you keep giving out something for long enough, people will start to like it(I Personally LOVE the Way G+ is Integrated in All Google Product, But I have since the beginning)! AND we also know that Google will tweak the hell outta something in order to make it the way you want it. So IF G+ is slowing up or ‘failing’ at the moment, we have to watch the whole movie to get to the end, nah mean.

Now I do have a suggestion, G+ you need to le your hair down a little, I mean I understand trying to learn from Twitter, and face book’s mistakes, like Spam, but now that you have that kinda locked down, you need to open you API up up so App developers can add you to their mix! I mean you want excitement, that would do it, people are gonna check out NEW Apps, and NEW Tech, and nobody want to miss out on the next Big thing, and they use what they know and have access to in order to show they are on something NEW, and right now, twitter and Facebook have a hold on that, so if you really want to be in the race, open up that API famo, integrate yourself into this Digital World!!!!

Theory of Failure