Spotify listening
More than likely you never heard of ‘The Echo Nest’, shoot, I’m a super geek and I never thought to find out what’s the force behind(API) Internet Radio apps like Pandora(in the #1 position), Spotify, Rdio, Twitter Music, and I assume iTunes radio, Songza, and more, but now we know it’s the Echo Nest, and we now know it’s own by Spotify because they just acquired it! What does that mean for your fav radio app though?!

Tat Wza

For right now it doesn’t mean anything other than Spotify is about to make some serious bread:

“The addition of The Echo Nest to Spotify will also strengthen Spotify’s ability to help brands and partners build amazing music experiences for their audiences.”

Spotify is not looking to just cut off the competition though(All Radio Apps can breathe):

“The Echo Nest API will remain free and open to support its robust developer ecosystem.”

I tell you what, that is an amazing move, and I wonder if any of the competitors even saw this coming, I know we sure as hell didn’t.

Just so you know, an API is the coding of how the app is structured, like the frame work, so then those companies build their own custom coding around the API. If Spotify ever changes or closes the API, cats are in trouble!!