Ok so a Lot of people have been waiting for this, and I mean A LOT, But If you’re one, Please don’t get too hype, cause it’s Not here Yet, But I ran across something that suggests it could be Really Soon, Thanks to My Samsung Galaxy 10.1!! Hi the Jump, and see it for yourself, Plus a Bonus Video I found from the Creator of Instagram, just so you know who to look for ‘in case’!!


Ok, 1st let me say good Looking to Samsung for the 10.1 being On Point!!
So I was just on the 10.1, when this ‘Featured App’ little green guy, and the word Intsagram poked out like….well like Crazy:

Hopefully, This means it’s coming Real Soon, But when I went to the Marketplace, it wasn’t there 🙁
But let’s keep our fingers crossed, I mean I know it’s taking a minute cause, I heard there are only 6 people that work for instagram, with 2 of them working on Android.

So this is a video Best Buy put together to show you one of the most innovative people on the Soc Net scene, the creator of Instagram, see how it all started!!: