According to a few websites(including the reliable BGR), this is Happening Now, In Canada? Well I guess that’s as good as place as any to Test the wave of TV future!! Hit the Jump.


Major Canadian Mobile Carriers Rogers and BCE, allegedly been in talks with Apple in becoming partners on the IP based iTV which WILL have Siri Built in, YAY!!! No More losing the Remote, unless you lose your voice, but no worries, there will allegedly be use of hand gestures as well. But the real story here is, Apple is looking to partner up with a mobile carrier with broadband capabilities, That with there being iOS integration, This TV system is feeling awfully Mobile! like you will be able to watch TV from Home, then on your iPhone to the car, then iPad in your office, back to iPhone to the car to go home, then when home, finish on your iTV. You will be able to continuously watch TV, No Matter what!! Love IT!!!!!