Mother’s Day is right around the corner and maybe your mother loves tech just like you. I know some of us are just teaching our mothers how to text though lol. Regardless if she is a techy or not you can lace your mother for her holiday with these cool gifts after the jump.

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Mother’s Day is next Sunday, May 13. Let’s hope you haven’t forgotten! If you need help getting Mom a cool present she will definitely use, look no further. Our top 10 list offers presents for any type of budget, and unique items that are more unexpected than your average new iPad. Besides, you’ll want to save the big Benjamins to splurge on that piece of jewelry Mom’s been eyeing since Valentine’s Day.

Corkcicle ($20)
After a long day of work, help mom unwind with a cool bottle of wine with the Corkcicle chiller pack. Instead of bothering with an ice bucket, the Corkcicle inserts into a wine bottle to keep the wine cold while looking like it’s been pierced by a glacier. The product is reusable, great for entertainment, and reasonably priced. Reviews on Amazon rave about the product, so don’t let Mom out of the cool loop!

Incase Box Case ($30)
iPhones pretty much dominate much of the smartphone users’ market, so if your mom owns an iPhone 4 or 4S, help her protect the gear with the stylish Incase Box Case. The latest product from the company, the Box case’s soft silicon body keeps the phone comfortable to hold while providing maximum anti-scratch protection. It also comes in a minimalistic design of four color options: Black, clear, white, and pink.

Nest Thermostat ($250)
If your mom loves iOS gadgets, the Nest is perfect for a similar type of user interface design on a home improvement scale. The Nest is a beautiful and intuitive way to set the temperature setting at home, and it could end up saving Mom some money on her electricity bills if she sets her thermostat usefully. She can also link it to her mobile device to control the thermostat even when she’s away from home. If you need more convincing, find out more through our hands-on with Nest. The icing on the cake, of course, is offering to help Mom install the system.

Stealth Toothbrush Sanitizer ($50)
The last thing you want to tell your mom is how gross bacterias can be anywhere in her home regardless of how often she cleans. Make that one less of a worry for her with the Stealth Toothbrush Sanitizer, a cool-looking gizmo that helps kill bacteria from her toothbrush with an ultra violet ray. Its rock-like design should also please even the most design-savvy moms, who can envision it as one of those stones you find at spas.

Sheex Bedsheet Set
How can you convince mom the bedsheets you’ve got her is technologically pretty awesome? Compare it to the innovative ways sportswear are made. The Sheex Bedsheet sets are made from fabric materials used in Nike and Under Armour shirts, giving the sleeper breathability and extra comfort. The microfibers form to the body of the sleeper and transfer body heat better than traditional sheets, perfect for use year-round. While there are no particular pattern designs, the Sheex comes in various soothing colors, from Glacier Blue to Creme.

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