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We’re not sure how much truth there is to this story, but this is according to witness accounts as to what happened at game 1 of the NBA finals in OKC.

There’s 2 different parts to this story:  1. making  a 5 year old cry &  2. After the game Wayne tweeted about how he was treated like sh*t by the Thunder staff and it may have stemmed from him being treated ‘normal.’   I’m pretty sure we won’t be seeing Tunechi tonight at game 2.  BSO has the details:

FROM BlackSportsOnline:

These are witnesses accounts reported by NBA Mistress:

At one point a little girl about 5 years old came up to take his picture. His bodyguard stands up and gets between Lil Wayne and the girl and told her “You need to go and sit down NOW. No pictures” It was said with quite a bit of malice and force. She got scared and as she was going back to her seat, her Dad heard what went on and went over and said something to the effect of “Do not under any circumstance talk to my daughter like that.” Security gets down there. Bodyguard informs him of what’s going on and says “****ing kids are taking picture of Wayne, that can’t happen.” Security guard informs him that “we don’t talk about our kids like that in this state. I know you go to many different arenas throughout the country and they might talk like that there, and that might be permissible but not here. Take your seat.”

Then after the game he wasn’t allowed to use the player special back exit to the arena and had to go out like all the ‘normal fans’. You know, the same exit Ryan Seacrest had to utilize.

One issue was that there were kids/others trying to get in and around Lil Wayne during halftime to ask for photos. His security was trying to keep them at bay. During this time, Thunder sent a female staffer to distribute halftime stats sheets to the season ticket holders in the area. Apparently Lil Wayne’s security tried to keep her away from the area where the rapper was sitting, and Thunder/SMG security had to step in and tell Lil Wayne’s people that she was doing her job and to let her distribute the stats to the other ticket holders.

The same person said that there was also an issue at the end of the game when, for security or other reasons (caller did not know), Lil Wayne had to exit the arena up a regular aisle with the “regular” folk, and not through the lower-level tunnel where he had come in.

I heard it from ANOTHER source that the exit up the aisle occurred AFTER Lil Wayne asked for post-game locker room access and was denied by Thunder staff.

I can not confirm the kids and autographs story, but what I can confirm is that Wayne wanted special access after the game and was denied.

Did he want that access to speak to players or a special exit I don’t know, but he didn’t want to leave arena with the “regular” fans.