Say what you want about Lebron’s “Decision” but Dwight Howard is becoming a pain in everyone’s a**.  His indecisiveness and inability to tell the truth is becoming increasingly annoying.  He asked to be traded last season then after all that hoopla he picked up the option in the final year of his contract rather than opting out.  Now he wants to be traded again but this time it gets really interesting.  Read more after the jump.

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The situation between Howard and the Magic front office is beyond repair.  He’s not only asked to be traded yet again, he has also accused them of blackmailing him into signing the waiver so he can stay in Orlando another year.

Dwight Howard met with new Orlando Magic general manager Rob Hennigan on Friday and told him he wants to be traded to the Brooklyn Nets, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

Howard picked up the option for the final year of his contract with Orlando on March 15. But since then he has grown increasingly disgruntled with the organization, even telling people close to him that he feels the Magic “blackmailed” him into signing the “opt-in” clause. Howard feels the Magic made promises that have not been kept to get him to sign.

Howard shared his feelings of being blackmailed by the Magic with the NBA Players Association last week, sources said. He — either himself or through his representatives — approached the union wondering if he might have a legal complaint against the club.

The goal of such a complaint would be to eliminate his “opt-in,” thereby allowing Howard to become a free agent this summer.

Sources said the union is considering whether or not to pursue legal action against the Magic.

It appears Howard is pushing to have his contract voided so he can be a free agent this summer and go to the Brooklyn Nets without relying on a Magic trade.  The chances of that happening are pretty small.