50 Cent has a lawsuit on his hands from allegedly sampling a Persuaders song called “Love Gonna Pack Up and Walk Out by”. A while ago we reported that he just doesn’t care about it, and he recently spoke out in the press again saying that he still doesn’t care- specifically saying, it’s a bunch of bull. Lol. Click below for more of the story.

Melissa Nash

50 Cent isn’t denying the fact that he sampled a song called Love Gonna Pack Up and Walk Out by The Persuaders, but he doesn’t think that he can be sued for it either.
The rapper is asking a judge to dismiss a lawsuit from a man named Robert Poindexter, who’s accusing him of using the soul tune without permission to create Redrum, a track he handed out to fans for free online. 50 is denying any copyright infringement and doesn’t even think Poindexter actually owns the rights to the song in the first place.

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