Sandy was one of the largest storms to hit the United States, it left more than 8 million homes and businesses without electricity in the Northeast; killed at least 121 people in the Northeast area including 80 people in New York and New Jersey. Sandy also damaged 250,000 cars leaving people with debts for cars they can’t even use anymore… But some car owners are in luck, read more to find out how!

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All major automakers are offering some form of financial relief, allowing owners to defer payments for up to three months for customers in areas hardest hit until the end of the year.

Nissan Motor Co will offer employee pricing and discounted financing for Nissan and Infiniti vehicles in areas hit by Sandy through Jan. 2. Nissan has 225 dealerships in the affected areas.

GM, Ford and Chrysler are each offering $500 cash toward the purchase or lease of a new vehicle for those who lost one from the same automaker because of the storm.

Hyundai, which lost 400 new vehicles to the storm, will cut the cost of a new replacement vehicle by $750. Toyota also announced on Wednesday that it would delay monthly payments for three months to people in affected areas who need to buy or lease a new vehicle because they lost a Toyota or Lexus in the storm.

Honda Motor Co sent out 500,000 emails to its customers in the storm-hit region, and will handle deferred payments and lease extensions on a case-by-case basis, said Chris Martin, company spokesman.

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