Foul trouble was a huge problem for the New York Knicks last night as the Memphis Grizzlies ended their six-game winning streak.  One of the fouls occurred between J.R. Smith and Jerryd Bayless that led to a small scuffle.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

During the second quarter as the two were battling for position, Smith threw an elbow into Bayless’ upper body.  That of course made Bayless upset, who then shoved Smith and the two were broken up by coaches and teammates, surprisingly veteran Rasheed Wallace played peacemaker between the two.

After the game Smith had few words about the scuffle but they were interesting.  “I dunno what he could’ve been mad at,” Smith said according to Chris Herring of the Wall Street Journal. Some small guys got little man complex. Maybe he’s gotta work that out.”

If you’re wondering, J.R. Smith is listed as 6’6 while Jarryd Bayless is listed as 6’3 not really much of a difference but that’s neither here nor there.  Smith has proven to be an x-factor for the Knicks so he has to keep his emotions in check.  Luckily the altercation only resulted in double technicals and no ejections.