You gotta be kidding me!!! Two more young men have come forward with allegations of underage sexual relationships with Elmo voice actor Kevin Clash…
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From The NY Post

“Nothing’s going to bring us down!” the recorded voice of accused pedophile Kevin Clash sang for an Elmo puppet at the Macy’s parade yesterday — and Clash could have been referring to his own legal outlook.

Both of Clash’s accusers — criminal-psychology student Cecil Singleton and aspiring model Sheldon Stephens — came forward too late for their allegations to be prosecuted, according to state law.

The same goes for two unnamed accusers who are reaching out to authorities, according to sources familiar with their allegations.
That’s four potential statutory-sex-charge bullets dodged by the Elmo puppeteer.

“The police told me it was out of their hands,” Singleton told The Post of meeting with Special Victims Unit cops this week.

“They said if it were up to them, they would have arrested him already,” if it weren’t for the statute of limitations, he added.