Senator John McCain has urged some of his fellow Republicans to spare the world their anti-abortion views fearing the alienation of female voters and young voters alike. With the economy the way it is you would think they would have something better to discuss anyway. The Republican Party is definitely going to want to regroup and strategize how to win over the female and youth demographics that were instrumental to the election of President Obama over Gov. Romney in early November. Strong pro-life politicians tend to sway young voters, who don’t want to see a woman’s right to choose away. Hit the jump for more.

“As far as young women are concerned, absolutely, I don’t think anybody like me — I can state my position on abortion but, other than that, leave the issue alone, when we are in the kind of economic situation and, frankly, national security situation that we’re in,” McCain said during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday.” I would allow people to have those opinions and respect those opinions,” McCain responded. “I’m proud of my pro-life position and record. But if someone disagrees with me, I respect your views.”

Abortion proved to be a difficult topic for Republicans in the 2012 election, when questionable comments from Senate candidates Richard Mourdock of Indiana and Todd Akin of Missouri on rape exemptions put the issue front and center. Both candidates were defeated by their Democratic rivals.

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