Kindle Fire

The company responsible for the iPhone, Foxconn International Holdings Ltd., an affiliate of Hon Hai Group, has allegedly manufactured a new smartphone device for a increasingly growing company as of late. A company with a product that has grown in popularity. Hit the jump to find out who’s breaking into the cellular world.

Tat Wza

AMazon CEO

The release of the Kindle took consumers by storm. Every reader needed one; the new ways of the new-age reader at a cheap cost. The Kindle, now developed to a few models with the addition of the Kindle Fire was Amazon’s break through into the electronic world. Their new deal with Foxconn however, will put them on the map for sure. It’s the smartphone parts makers that pop the lid on the news. They’ve also got a launch date which is slated for between Q2 and Q3 of next year at US$100-200. With how succesful Amazon has grown in the e-reader world, you could only imagine they’d have the same impact on the mobile world… if only they develop that software a bit more.