We are getting more and more info regarding the Brooklyn Nets firing coach Avery Johnson yesterday. In my opinion the Nets made a silly move. I have been saying the Nets are an overrated team with too much hype surrounding them with the move to Brooklyn and the teams affiliation with rapper Jay Z. Yes they get alot of attention, but at the end of the day they have an overrated roster with superstar point guard in Deron Williams, who this season can’t shoot the ball to save his life. They brought in a “B-list” star in Joe Johnson, who is another over-hyped player who has never really won anything and has never proven he is a winner, even though he is talented. Avery Johnson did not get a fair chance with this team. Check out what GM Billy King said about Johnson after the jump.

“I have a good pulse of players. Not just Deron, but all our guys. I just got a sense that, as I told Avery this morning, that for some reason, he just wasn’t reaching them anymore” King said referring to Johnson. Alot of players were upset with playing time, and how the offense was running. The team started off hot in November, but have gone 3-10 in the last 13 games. But again, I think that is more about the players and not the coach. This team is just flat out not that good overall.