A few months ago, twitter watchers saw when Shyne complimented and dissed Kendrick Lamar at the same time. Shyne clearly didn’t get the attention he thought he would, for Kendrick barely paid him any attention with his politically correct response. Hit the jump to see why Kendrick decided not to feed into the beef while he also gives his view on music disputes.

Marisa Mendez

In an interview with hiphopdx, Kendrick stated:

“I mean it’s the entertainment business, you can never forget that, so I don’t knock other people’s strategies to keep themselves relevant, I just comprehend that the music comes first and always speaks first, no matter what you do. You can say the most outlandish thing but if you drop a record the next day and it’s trash now you’re just a popular person. I don’t just wanna be a popular person, I want my music to always live because that’s what’s gonna drive your legacy. You can be the most popular person on the planet. There’s a lot of artists that are way more popular than Kendrick Lamar, but when it’s time for their album to drop and that week is up or that year is up and the reception from that album is not as critically strong as good kid, m.A.A.d city, it shows…I just let the music speak. I don’t get into all the crazy shenanigans of the business. I let the music speak and at the end of the day that always stands.”

Great response Kendrick!