I am really going to need the whole DipSet Crew to sit in a circle inside of a locked room and NOT come out until we got us another hit. That includes JR Writer.
Juelz just came out with his new mixtape God Will’n and he’s on fire, but he’s already ready for that album to drop. He has a plan to have a Young Money member involved in the execution of this future album. I think this will give Santana the kick start he needs to get back in the game and kill it the way he use to. Really excited for this one. Drop down bottom and check out his interview with XXL Mag.

JaaiR (JR)

You recently announced that Lil Wayne is going to executive produce your album. How did that happen?
I asked him.

A couple weeks ago. A lot of people didn’t know my situation at Def Jam and wanted to see me working, including Wayne. He wanted to know what the hold-up there was, and I told him it was just me. But I just wanted to find a way to do something with him. The I Can’t Feel My Face stuff was just so crazy. Not like Wayne’s going to be on my album like that, but I just respect him and I know when it comes to my album, he knows what I do. He is creative and when he gets with me, we always have a certain type of chemistry. He knows what works. I do too. And with us collaborating, it will make something that counts and matters and will be successful.

Did it affect your guys’ relationship when I Can’t Feel My Face never materialized?
That’s one thing. We always maintained the friendship. Even when our album fell through we never had any bickering or anything like that. We’ve always been cool; I fuck with Wayne for a lot of reasons. When Carter II came out and he sold a million records he was sending me songs that night for I Can’t Feel My Face. At that time that we were making music, I kind of just stopped what I was doing, and Wayne went even harder. That’s all that really happened. If I called Wayne right now, he’d pick up. I respect how he’s always been with me.