Since every media outlet in the world is going to run this story about Manti Te’o into the ground, might as well look for the funny stories that will go along with it. A minor league baseball team in Kentucky, The Florence Freedom is planning a fun night at the expense of Te’o in May. It is going to have “Manti Te’o girlfriend bobblehead night”. I was dying laughing once I learned of the details. As part of the promotion in late May, the first 1,000 fans will get an empty bobblehead box, there will be a pretend kiss cam for fans to kiss their imaginary friends and there will be an imaginary food fight in the kids’ area, as well as an air guitar contest. They are going hard! LOL! An empty bobblehead box?? So wrong, so funny! Why do I have a feeling that night will be one of the biggest nights as far as attendance is concerned for the team. I might have to go there myself.