The NFL fined Tom Brady $10,000 for making contact with Ed Reed on a slide late in the first half of the AFC Championship Game.  Ed Reed said that Tom Brady did reach out to him to apologize.  Details after the jump…


According to Mike Reiss at

During the final minute of the first half, Brady slid to the ground to end an impromptu run. The star quarterback had one leg raised a few feet off the ground and it hit Reed, who emerged from the play without injury.

Ravens safety Bernard Pollard publicly complained and asserted that Brady deserved to be fined by the NFL, which levies fines on defensive players for helmet-to-helmet hits.

“If you want to keep this going in the right direction, everyone should be penalized for their actions,” Pollard said Monday.

“(Brady) knew what he was doing. It has to go both ways.”


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