Since the Detroit Lions have Calvin Johnson, aka “Megatron” aka “the best receiver in the NFL”, you might not know too much about Titus Young. But if your a football fan odds are you know him. And it may not be for the best reasons. Young’s career started off well with Detroit, but this past season was a disaster. Because he was upset with coaches, he purposely tried to sabotage plays on the field by lining up in the wrong spots numerous times. So much so that some of the offensive lineman told him to get off the field. I am sure they didn’t say it so nice. Being mad at coaches is one thing, but to take it out on your teammates? That’s grimey. I am surprised he hasn’t been cut. But that may be coming soon. Read more after the jump.

Young needs to deactivate his twitter if he wants to keep a job in the NFL. He tweeted this week “Oh I’m not done, if y’all going to cut me let me go. I’m tired of the threats.” Did I mention there was never a threat. Before he sent that tweet he was using twitter to threaten to quit if he does not get the ball more, which led coach Jim Schwartz to say complaining may not be the best idea. Never seen a player use social media to purposely get cut, but this kinda looks like that. Young also added “Never needed the money Give me a dollar and a ball bet I come back #HallofFame”. When you figure out what that even means you can let me know. He might want out of Detroit, but the way he is going about it will definitely hurt his reputation to be able to sign with another team. Coach Schwartz said it best .”Guys are responsible for what they post, what they say. You wear your uniform 24 hours a day now, everybody’s aware of that. We obviously still got some ground to cover there.” Titus, take notice, cause trust me, other NFL coaches will be.