I know it’s his job, but I’d be mad too!  Technically I will be working, but my job is to cover sports so I’m good. Lol. LeBron James is not happy that he has a 2p game on Sunday and will miss part of the Super Bowl. Check out what he had to say about it…

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According to SlamOnline:

Per the Sun-Sentinel:

“Like other teammates, James is upset that the 2 p.m. start against the Toronto Raptors means the team will miss a significant part, if not all, of the Super Bowl, with the Heat’s current team plane lacking satellite television or wi-fi service. ‘How disgusting is that?’ he said. The Heat cannot delay their return from Toronto, with a Monday game at AmericanAirlines Arena against the Charlotte Bobcats. ‘If the Cowboys were in the Super Bowl, I’d stay there for the game,’ he said of his passionate football rooting interest.”