IFWT_Kim Kris Wedding

Kris Humphries has taken a few L’s since his split with Kim Kardashian, but finally he’s getting a W.
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Via TMZ:

Kris Humphries — the guy who has accused Kim Kardashian of nuptial fraud — just scored hundreds of thousands of bucks from one of the wedding guests.

TMZ broke the story … Andrey C. Hicks — who sat right behind the formerly happy couple at the rehearsal dinner — was arrested in 2011 for bilking Kris and other friends out of millions of bucks … by convincing them to invest in a bogus hedge fund. He pled guilty to the charges late last year.

Now, Hicks has to pay the piper … a judge just ordered him to repay the ill-gotten loot, totaling $2,375,204.60.

It’s unclear how much of that money will go to Kris, but we do know the NBA’er lost hundreds of thousands of $$$ in the sham.

Hicks was also sentenced to 40 months in jail.