Jay-Z Invests In JetSmarter, The ‘Uber For Private Jets’

For those of you who don’t know, booking a private plane cause been an extreme hassle. There’s tons of paper work and back and forth with brokers and that can get pretty frustrating. Well, now there’s a new app called Jetsmarter, which acts as ‘uber for private jets’ and allows you to book a private flight in the matter of seconds. What makes this app super cool is not only the added convenience but the fact that it’s back by none other than Jay-Z. Read more below.

(Photos) Snoop Dogg Looks to Invest Up to $25 Million in Marijuana Start-Ups

If you didn’t already know, the legal marijuana market is BOOMING. Ever since states started approving sales, manufacturing and marketing of the once forbidden substance, sparks in the amount of business ventures as well as serious increases in tax revenues have sky rocketed. As a result…true hustlers have been on the hunt, and now the latest from the Hip Hop community as Snoop Dogg Looks to Invest Up to $25 Million in Marijuana Start-Ups.

(Video) Could Bitcoin Save The World Economy?!

They are talking about how this will make you money, and bypass the government with taxes and all that!

Boxing: Floyd Mayweather & Justin Bieber Invest In New Social Network!

Yep, you just can’t stop these two. Floyd Mayweather & Justin Beiber  have invested in a social network!  It’s new &  you know with Money & Bieber’s name attached to it, it’s bound to succeed. #TMT Check it out & let us know what you think…

NBA: Score! Kris Humphries Gets Revenge From Wedding Guest!

‘ Kris Humphries has taken a few L’s since his split with Kim Kardashian, but finally he’s getting a W. Check out the report after the jump…

(Video) Kelsey Grammer Spent 6 FIGURES On WHAT ?!?!

Can we say excessive much ??? I know that he’s paid and all, but Kelsey admits to TMZ that he invested an insane amount of money on a product – that didn’t really work out in his favor. WOW. Drop down bottom to see what it was.

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