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For those of you who don’t know, booking a private plane cause been an extreme hassle. There’s tons of paper work and back and forth with brokers and that can get pretty frustrating. Well, now there’s a new app called Jetsmarter, which acts as ‘uber for private jets’ and allows you to book a private flight in the matter of seconds. What makes this app super cool is not only the added convenience but the fact that it’s back by none other than Jay-Z.

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Jay-Z has just been added to a list of investors that includes the Saudi Royals that have backed the new app Jetsmarter with $20 million. Jetsmarter was created by 27-year-old entrepreneur Sergey Petrossev, who was aggravated by the process of booking private flights. He said, ‘I started the company out of a frustration with the process,’ he continued, ‘I kept thinking to myself, ‘Why hasn’t this service been brought into the digital world?”

Now, thanks to Petrossev and the funding of Jay-Z, anyone can book a private flight in the push of a button. Well, anyone who can pay the membership fee of $9,000 per year. Although this doesn’t seem like too bad of a price for unlimited access to private jets that will fly you anywhere in the world. According to Petrossev the average user of this app is between 25-50 an earns about $1 million per year.

The app, like Uber has three features; JetDeals, JetShuttle and JetCharter. JetDeals allows the user to book a one-way private flight on demand, while JetShuttle allows users to get a seat on a pre-scheduled private flight. JetCharter lets users pick out private travel packages that can be completely customized by route and aircraft.

This app seems pretty awesome, for those who travel often and are aggravated by booking private flights. Since the app is already Hov approved, now the only question is, does IFWT’s tech gawd @TatWza approve?

Source VladTV