Iynala & DMX

Troubled rapper DMX recently appeared as a guest on Iynala Vanzant’s “Fix My Life” show on Oprah’s OWN network, but he didn’t like the final outcome. X spoke out following his appearance on the show, saying it made his life worse rather than help him get better. He’s had a long battle with drugs, and despite his negative words about her, Iynala penned an open letter to support him and encourage him to get help. Check it out below.

Julie A.

“Beloved, I know we haven’t spoken since our time together in Yonkers. And what I’m hearing is that they are just waiting for the call. They are waiting for the day they get the call. And you know what I mean.

But I’m not waiting for that call. I’m calling on you, and I’m not going to give up on you. I will not stand by and watch my brother die. Over the years, I’ve worked with many, many people who’ve struggled with addiction.

With help, healing is possible. I want you to remember the person you became in the final months of your grandmother’s life. That’s a clean life. You can be that man today and every day. Just remember what your son said to you, I want a relationship with you that is not toxic. My brother, Earl, DMX, I support you.

I love you and I’m calling on all of my beloveds…to send you their love and support. I know that there is no valley deep enough, no gap wide enough that love can’t conquer. My door is always open.”

Here’s to hoping X makes the right call!