(Audio) T.I Writes Open Letter To Donald Trump In Rolling Stone

TIVEVO After penning a letter to President Obama in the New York Times, Tip points his view at the soon to be President, Donald Trump.

Twista Offers His Support In Open Letter To Fellow Chicago Native Kanye

Kanye West is going through it, and he has tons of people speaking out to support him. Twista, who has not only collaborated with Kanye in the past but also shares a hometown in Chicago, was one of those people. Read his open letter below, via FakeShoreDrive.

Macklemore Writes Open Letter To His Daughter After Trump Is Elected

Donald Trump being elected into office has many people distraught. Macklemore is one of those many people, as he has a young daughter that is going to have to see at least four years of a sexist, dangerous man in office. To express his feelings, he wrote 1-year-old Sloane an open letter on Instagram. While it was meant for his baby girl, it also gave his millions of followers some encouragement as well. “I am disappointed, shocked and shaken at my core by what has transpired tonight,” Mack wrote, along with a photo of a sleeping Sloane. “I gathered around the TV with my family and loved ones, ready to celebrate history being made. My daughter had this little blue dress on. I was ready to pop the Martinelli’s and hold her, watching Hilary Clinton become the first female president of the United States of America. But…It didn’t happen.” Continue reading his message below. We can get through this together!

Frank Ocean Writes Open Letter In Memoriam Of Orlando Tragedy

Frank Ocean, the openly gay hip-hop singer/r&b artist that we’ve all been waiting 4 years now for new music, comes out of the woodworks to pen an open letter on the worst mass shooting in US history.

(Photo) K.Michelle Opens Up About Memphtiz: “Hating Him Was Only Killing Me”

Just last week, Toya Wright and K.Michelle got into it again on social media, about the standing issue between them, Memphitz. K.Michelle has claimed for years that while she was in a relationship with Memphitz, he was abusive towards her and when his current wife, Toya Wright dropped her new book, “How to Lose A Husband.” K.M. hopped on Instagram inquiring if T.W. “believes her now” about the abuse allegations. The whole thing got messy real quick, but turned out to be for the best, as K.Michelle was able to confront Memphitz and get all the feelings weighing her down off her chest. More below.

Amber Rose Shares Her Secret On Not Caring What Others Think

Self-proclaimed slut and author of ‘How to Be A Bad Bitch’ Amber Rose, has received more than her fair share of slut shaming over the course of her career. After being dragged into a Twitter war between two of her exes on Wednesday, Amber is now speaking out in a open letter about how she’s learned to deal with constant opinions of critics. TIME magazine published her letter titled, “How I Learned To Stop Caring What People Think” where she wrote;

“I realized that I can’t make everyone believe. And I can’t talk to everyone and tell them who I really am. They’re still going to have their own opinions. If you know me, you love me. If you don’t know me, you might love me, but you might not—and that’s cool. And you know what? Now I sleep like a baby at night.”

Read more below.

(Photo) One Third-Grader Calls Out Donald Trump An Hilarious Open Letter

Doesn’t the saying go; “Only 3 types of people tell the truth – kids, drunk people, and angry people.” Well, one third-grader penned an honest open letter to American voters about the consequences of voting for Trump and it has gone viral. Hit the jump for more.

Stacey Dash Claps Back At BET In An Open Letter: “How BET Lies To Black People”

Clueless actress and Fox News contributor, Stacey Dash has been receiving a ton of backlash after she suggested that there no longer be a BET network and Black History Month, while addressing the current Oscar boycott. During a live broadcast of Fox & Friends earlier this week Dash said, “We have to make up our minds. Either we want to have segregation or integration and if we don’t want segregation, then we need to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards and the Image Awards where you’re only awarded if you’re black,” she continued, “If it were the other way around, we would be up in arms. It’s a double standard.” The BET network didn’t take to kindly to her words and slammed the actress on Instagram in a hilarious post reminding her that she had a reoccurring role their hit show, The Game and she could return her checks. Now, Dash is firing back at the network in an open letter posted to her blog titled,”How BET Lies To Black People.” Read more below.

(Video) Aww! Mendeecees Has A Heartfelt Message For His Daughter Before Prison Sentence

Father, husband and Love & Hip-Hop star Mendeecees Harris will be turning himself in soon to begin an eight-year prison sentence for old drug charges. Before he goes, however, he has a message that he wants his one-year-old daughter with Yandy to hear. Sitting down with the L&HH cameras, Mendeecees pours his out to baby Skylar, telling her how much she means to him and how he will always be her protector. He also adds a touching note for his wife. “Your mother, she’s a perfect woman, a role model… And if you could turn out to be half of your mother, I would be so grateful because I love what your mother stands for. She’s a woman with class. I fell in love with her because she was so different than what I was used to. So hopefully, you’ll pick up the traits of your moms and carry out all the stuff she believe in, you’ll believe in. And it’s going to take you a long way.” So sweet! Check out the full video below! Prayers up for the Harris family in this difficult time.

Russell Simmons Calls Out Donald Trump In An Open Letter Says “Stop The Bullsh*t”

After rolling out his plan to ban all Muslim travel to the United States, Donald Trump caused quite the commotion throughout the nation. His words were so offensive that even the White House called for the disqualification of his presidential run. It seems now that friends of Trump can no longer stand by him and support his campaign, one friend in particular is Russell Simmons. In an open letter written on his website, Global Grind, Simmons called out Trump asking him very directly to “stop the bullshit.”

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