How’s this for a sh*tty view! While accompanying her daughter to the restroom at an Oklahoma Park, a woman noticed a man standing under the toilet. She noticed that he was alive and conscious, so she immediately called the police. Check out the full police report after the jump.

When officials arrived to the scene, they pulled him out of the tank and used a fire hose to clean off the crap-covered 6’, 240-pound suspect (who was, deputies noted, “covered in feces”). The alleged peeping-tom, Kenneth Webster Enlow, claimed that a woman named Angel had hit him in the head with a tire iron, then drove him–in a 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo–to the park and dumped him in the toilet. Despite the well thought out story, cops wasted no time booking him.

*Check Out The Mugshot/Police Report Above In Gallery*

Jamaal Fisher