A florida man takes two hostages, and during the process ends up killing at least six, including the owners of the apartment complex. Read more after jump

Adriela Batista

A SWAT team was called to a Miami Suburb on Friday night/ Saturday morning, after a call of a gunman holding two hostage in the apartment complex in which his mother lived. The problem derived earlier in the day when the man had gotten into a confrontation with the landlords of the complex, 78 year old Italo Pisciotti and 68 year old Samira Pisciotti. When they had arrived at the gunman’s door to speak with him, he had opened fire immediately and shot them, killing them both. As another person walked from across the street, entering the complex, the gunman stood on his balcony and shot him killing him as well. As the SWAT Team entered the barricaded fifth floor apartment, they encountered 3 others whom he had killed as well as the two hostages. The hostages were rescued and were unharmed. Who knows what led the man to commit such a tragedy in the sunshine state.

Via ChicagoTribune