I wonder…of course Big Hov has been out doing his thing for way longer, BUT Mark Z has WAY more mula, and we know J respects $!! Either way, the meeting of the Z’s is a bit historical!!

Tat Wza

While Jay was on another stop of “Legends of The Summer Tour”(With JT, just w/o JT), he stopped by FB HQ, now was this just a photo op, OR is Mark and Jay cooking something Up?? Well time will tell on that, but for now it IS a great photo Op, And for my earlier question of Whom might have been the bigger fan, look at the Photo in the gallery, check out the body expressions, then you tell me!
Sidenote….Would you want Jay’s next album exclusively on FB???

Another Side Note, speaking of Money, How Much are these 2 guys Worth combined?? About $4B, But Mark has the lion’s share!! “Aww F*ck it I want a Billie”