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So the whole LeBron getting escorted to the Jay Z/JT concert in Miami on the wrong side of the road is now being investigated and the police say protocol was broken (big surprise *sarcasm*).  BUT it gets even better.  Sources are saying that Hov wouldn’t start the concert without LeBron there, so it’s a good thing LBJ got escorted …. so the show could go on. Lol.  I can’t make this stuff up.  It’s amazing the power Hov has. #FactsOnly
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Via TMZ:

The Miami-Dade Police Department tells TMZ, its officers BROKE PROTOCOL to give LeBron James special treatment … by helping the NBA star skip traffic in order to get to a Jay Z concert.

As we reported, Miami-Dade PD initially denied involvement in the police escort — blatant favoritism — but a rep for the department now tells us its officers were the ones who accompanied LeBron to the Jay Z show.

The rep says LeBron was stuck in standstill traffic at 191st street Friday night and its officers escorted him to the Sun Life Stadium on 199th street … a total of 8 blocks.

**You can see the route they took above in gallery**

The rep tells us, “This should not have happened.” The rep says the department is still looking into which officers were involved and will determine what punishment, if any, is appropriate.

Sources tell us, Jay Z was refusing to start the concert without LeBron present, so police determined it was in everyone’s best interest to get LeBron there ASAP.