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You just have to LOVE technology, you don’t even have to be home to answer your door now, of course using your phone and an app! You MUST hit the jump to see this Made in America product!!

Tat Wza

I know I always say how dope something is, but for real for real, THIS is dope!! It
s still being built out, so buying one now really only locks one down for you, meaning you will not receive it within the week. It is expected to start shipping in Oct(in time for holiday gifts), as the hardware part is done and they are working on the software now(the app). They say installation is easy(screwdriver needed), and connects to the current doorbell set up. When someone rings the bell you’ll get a notification allowing you to answer. The hardware has a built in day/night camera that allows you to see whom is there, they can speak to you, and you can speak to them, but they can’t see you so they won’t know if you’re in the house or on the other side of the earth…oh yeah it works internationally!! It connects at your house over the wifi you most likely already have inside, and on your phone with you carrier 3G/4G/LTE. Other key facts is that it has a motion sensor, multiple people can use it, and you can access the camera feed on demand(meaning the bell doesn’t have to be rung for access). For the $165 price tag, it’s cheaper than most wireless security systems that do the same except for the actual doorbell part.

Now I will warn you in advance, with this being digital and wifi enabled, there is a chance it can be hacked, given enough time!!

Purchase iDoorCam $127 and up Now, as an early adopter, you can save $