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The QB situation for the Jets just got more interesting. Mark Sanchez vs. Geno Smith and now let’s add former Packers QB Graham Harrell into the mix. Thank goodness I’m a Giants fan. Lol. Not only is the Jets QB circus going on, but why not throw in a stripper just to spice things up?!  SMH. Yea.  She sent a letter to Rex Ryan pleading for Geno Smith to start.  Why is this news?!  It’s not, but the fellas always enjoy some nice pics.  *You’re welcome – Kobe voice*
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Via FoxSports:

The New York Jets have agreed to contract terms with former Green Bay QB Graham Harrell, a source told FOX Sports.

Harrell, 28, had spent the past three seasons with thePackers and served asAaron Rodgers’ backup in 2012. Harrell was released Sunday after Vince Youngemerged as the front-runner to serve as Green Bay’s new second-stringer.

Although Harrell wasn’t claimed off waivers Tuesday, the Jets are signing him in the aftermath of a shoulder injury suffered by quarterback Mark Sanchez in last Saturday’s preseason game against the New York Giants.

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Via BustedCoverage:

Geno Smith bombed in game 3 of the preseason, but that hasn’t stopped a Rick’s Cabaret dancer from making her feelings felt on this quarterback quandary.

Dear Rex,

Can you please give Geno Smith another chance? I know he messed up by throwing three INTs against the Giants, and yes, it was really bad when he stepped out of the end zone and gave up a safety, but it was the first time he ever started in an NFL game. He was nervous–I know I would be!

A lot of the Rick’s Cabaret Girls here like Mark Sanchez because they think he’s cute. But that is not a good reason for him to be quarterback for the New York Jets! I think Sanchez has had his chance the last four years (!) and he showed that he can’t do it!

Geno Smith is the future, Mark Sanchez is the past.

Thank you for your consideration, and if you like my photos, you can come see me and over 100 beautiful exotic dancers in person at Rick’s Cabaret. I promise you will have a good time.