Citing A&F’s notorious dress policy as unfair, 18-year-old Hani Khan took her issues to court. Khan was fired from the brand’s Hollister store in San Mateo California back in 2010 because she refused to remove her hijab while on the clock. After her recent court victory, she decided to speak to ABC News. Check out her story after the jump.

According to Khan, about four months into her employment, she was approached by her manager regarding her head wear. At that time, “that’s when [she] felt like it was not appropriate, what they were saying.”

After she chose not to remove it, she was fired. Despite that, she was offered her job again after 11 days but there was one condition: she had to remove the head wrap while at work. But, she refused and turned them down. According to court documents, “the trendy clothing retailer argued that the hijab, worn by Muslim women as a sign of modesty, would negatively affect sales. But the judge said in writing ‘Abercrombie failed to offer any evidence from those four months showing a decline in sales.'”

Good win for Khan and hopefully other mistreated A&F workers.

Jamaal Fisher