Wanna decide how LeBron James’ future plays out?!  Well now you have the chance to make that decision…thanks to NBA 2K14.
While I’m not a gamer, this is pretty cool — I’ll let the good folks at Yahoo Sports explain.  Check it out & let us know what you think…

GameTimeGirl & TatWza


Via YahooSports:

The “NBA 2K” video game series has gotten attention in recent years for allowing gamers to play out some of the greatest moments in NBA history. In various iterations of the game, users have been able to play as Michael Jordan in some of the biggest games of his career, Bill Russell in black and white, andIsiah Thomas when ruining the New York Knicks was but a dream. These modes gave the series a chance to escape the confines of a typical year-specific sports game, drawing on basketball’s rich history to connect the contemporary era to those of the past. It wasn’t enough to let gamers control today’s greats — they could now dominate as Oscar Robertson and his peers, too.

With the forthcoming “NBA 2K14” centered around reigning MVP and basketball overlord LeBron James, the team at 2K Sports was faced with a new challenge. So, instead of focusing on what James has already accomplished, they decided to concoct two separate versions of LeBron’s career. As announced on Friday, “NBA 2K14” will include “LeBron: Path to Greatness,” a new game mode in which users get to play out the future of LeBron James all the way up until his retirement. In the first, less controversial path, James stays with the Heat, creating a dynasty to match any in league history. In the other, James bolts for the New York Knicks this summer in free agency, teams with various stars along the way, and finds himself in an eerily familiar yet absolutely fantastical iteration of the NBA. It’s basketball science fiction.


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