Yesterday a poll came out that surveyed NBA players about who they would rather have take the last shot in a game between Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant & LeBron James. NONE of the players picked LeBron (ouch).  So what does LeBron think about it?!  His reaction after the jump…




LeBron James was dismissive Wednesday about a poll in this week’s ESPN the Magazine where 26 of his NBA peers said they wouldn’t want him taking the final shot in a game where Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant were also on the floor.

“Players in our league said that? All right,” James said after the Miami Heat went through a workout in New York City before their exhibition game Thursday in Brooklyn.

“I really don’t care what 30 guys in our league say about me taking the last shot. I’ve got a few game winners in my career. I don’t let teams hang around too much for the last shot. I don’t think the definition of clutch is who takes the last shot. There are guys who come through for their teams in different circumstances.”


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