It all went down in the parking lot of a Waffle House in Georgia, where 27-year-old Frank Lucas received his very own version of Blue Magic from 25-year-old Rachel Gossett. The two were going at it after a booze-filled night of hanging, when an officer tapped on the window and told them to get dressed… before arresting them. Hit the jump to see what else happened.

According to Daily Mail, the two were only arrested for loitering and public drunkenness.

“The responding officers approached a Dodge pickup truck, where they spotted a pantless Gossett sitting astride Lucas in the driver’s seat.
The officers ordered the couple to get dressed and take out their driver’s licenses. The incident report noted that the inside of the truck reeked of alcohol.”

However, once Gossett came to, she mistook a cheeseburger as her sandal.


Jamaal Fisher