Move over, Casey Anthony. An Ohio couple just may have the top spot when it comes to bad parenting. Cleveland and Lisa Cox are now on the verge of indictment after they decided to return their adopted son after raising him for 9 years! Apparently, the duo claims that the child had severe mental health issues and was extremely aggressive when it came to members of the immediate family. Hit the jump for more info.

In the wake of the pending charges, reporters visited the neighborhood that the Coxes live in. While doing so, they spoke with numerous neighbors who weren’t hesitant to mention that the child was a bad seed. Despite the unanimity of the child’s behavior, County Prosecutor Michael Gmoser referred to young kids like that as “box of chocolates.”

In the defense of the Coxes, according to Daily Mail:

In August, Mrs Cox filed a report with the local sheriff’s office claiming that her adoptive son suffers from mental issues, and that he threatened to kill everyone in the house with a knife.

‘According to Mrs. Cox [the boy] has outbursts every day but nothing this severe,’ the report stated. ‘Mrs. Cox explained that [the boy] has been hospitalized for these disorders and has been to Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati on several occasions.’

The report also made known that they had originally intended to take the child to a hospital in Dayton (Ohio) and have him evaluated over a period of 72 hours. Instead, they dropped him off.

Do you side with the family, child, or prosecutors?


Jamaal Fisher