Microsoft Xbox One
This is a bit disturbing, only 2 days into Microsoft’s Nex-Gen gaming console release and a bit of a multitude of buyers are reporting an issue that you just can’t let go!!

Tat Wza

Although I said PS4 would prob sell more units based off the price point alone, but I didn’t even see this coming. Besides Cnet’s review that kinda destroyed all the good things Microsoft dream weaved about how ‘The One’ would work, matter of fact, the only thing I heard positive from Cnet was the new D-Pad on the Controller:

The basic function of the disc drive(which you are really gonna need) is apparently Not really there for a whole lot of people, as seen in this Viral Video of said Disc Drive Malfunction:

Sounds like it’s eating those disc’s alive!!! Now I haven’t even really gotten to ‘The One’ yet, Still having fun with this PS4!!