Wow, this video is crazy! A Raleigh, N.C. correction officer said in court an inmate had to be subdued as he was threatening. Now I will admit the inmate was up on the C.O., but the inmate was half the C.O.’s size and you can clearly see that by the way the officer is ‘throwing’ the inmate around, shameful.

Tat Wza

it took Shon Demetrius McClain(40yrsold) 13 days to die after C.O. Markeith Council gave him a dose of Blunt force trauma to the head and neck. Council states “I didn’t think to hurt him. I was thinking about getting him off of me.”

Watch it for yourself;

Now I understand Correctional Officers have to maintain order, but he could of easily ‘subdued’ him with out the WWE sh*t.