As of now, many either do or don’t know just who Mike Zombie is. If you’re familiar with Drake’s lead single off of 2013’s Nothing Was The Same, then you should recognize the infamous insignia, “Zombie on the Track.” As for his latest venture, producer Mike Zombie brings listeners honesty by way of a very unique sound that –if done any other way– would otherwise sound too harsh. It’s titled, “The End Of The Beginning” and it reflects on the times when all that has come to fruition seemed like a longshot. Check out “The Beginning” after the jump.

Born and raised in Willingboro, NJ, Mike first began with FL Studio as a gift from his mother. A few years later, the world was presented with “Started From The Bottom”, which peaked at No. 2 on Billboar’s Hot 100. With his production style gaining such a following, he now, is able to think of some crazy times at this time in his career. Especially with “local rappers.”

“My beats used to be $10, and nobody was buying… Other than artists, the craziest thing that happened to me, so far, is [when] some girls tried to follow me home in my car.”

Once the vapors kick in, it’s about that time that your idols become your rivals. In the first release off of his 15-track project, he addresses this saying, “Mike Will got the game right now … and he pushin’ 25, I’m 21, yeah, Mike Zomb, like wine– get better with time.”

Responding with, “I’m out to get everybody, man. I’m in here now.”

With such a tight circle that consists of close, childhood friends and his brothers. He thinks back on their relationship, saying, “[My brothers] play a big role in my life. One taught me to be fly, and the other taught me how to handle business.”

Tomorrow at exactly 6:09 PM EST, he is releasing “The End Of The Beginning” HERE

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