Not like a ‘VMA performance with Robin Thicke’ type grind, but she def had her ‘self’ up against someone.

Tat Wza

Now apparently this 1st video she is trying out a ‘new dance’, although I think she’s just letting her body move to the beat. If this ‘dance move’ does get off the ground, her team better be ready to move some mercy, cause she’d be able to do anything! As the story goes Miley was in Club Liv(Miami) on Friday, and…well thats where she bust the move:

And this 2nd video, when it 1st starts, if you can see through the fatty in front, she was getting her quick grind on, but I can’t tell who. But she did Seem to be with, let an extremely large woman(apparently name Amazon Ashley) carry her off.

I’m not the biggest ‘twerk Miley, Miley Twerk’ supporter, but it may be better than these moves 0_o