(Video) Denzel Washington Does A Mean Jay-Z Impression!

_Denzel Washington

While out promoting his new film, The Equalizer, which is in theaters today, Denzel Washington recently stopped by The Queen Latifah show for a quick sit-down interview. During the interview Denzel gets to talking about Jay Z and when he was in the studio while he was recording “Change Clothes.” Check out Denzel’s rather good Jay Z impression after the jump.


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TOO FUNNY! Jimmy Kimmel Follows Newly Crowned Kira Kazantsev Around While Singing Miss America Theme Song

IFWT_Miss America1

Just when she thought it was safe… He’s back!

Jimmy Kimmel follows around the newly crowned Miss America Kira Kazantsev everywhere and sings the Miss America theme song while she does EVERYTHING. LOL

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(Video) Hilarious! Bobby Shmurda’s Hot N***a Inspired Marriage Proposal

Bobby Shmurda inspires wedding proposal

This definitely goes in the books as an epic proposal! This man decided to take the popular hit Hot N***a by Bobby Shmurda and propose to his girlfriend in this rhythmic parody called “Hot Finger” See the video after the jump!

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Teen Gets Fined For Nominating European Dictator For Ice Bucket Challenge!!


Talk about overdramatic! A teen in Belarus could face fines for nominating the Dictator of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. The teen posted the video online and received a call from the police not too long after. He was told if that him along with everyone in the video can receive fines for the nomination! Crazy! Hit the jump for more details!

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(Video) SMH Or LOL? Two 5 Year Olds Have A Rap Battle?


I mean I don’t know if this is completely sad because they let the kids use profane language ad let them fight, or stupid funny because it was funny on the low 0_o

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(Video) Hilarious!! Bird Violates Girl’s Ice Cream Cone…. And She Still Eats It


So here’s a video of this poor girl eating ,ice cream, minding her business, when a bird a drops an extra topping on her ice cream cone.. and lets just say it wasn’t sprinkles.
Hit the jump if you want to laugh your A** off!
shanice core

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(Video) LMAO! Tracee Eliss Ross AKA “T-Murda” Rapping Tyga’s “Pass Me The Hookah”

ifwt tracee ellis ross

If you follow Tracee Eliss Ross on instagram, then you know the actress has made several videos of her attempting to rap the lyrics to her favorite rap songs. In the past she’s rapped along to Nicki Minaj’s remix to “No Flex Zone” and today she dropped her rendition of “Pass me the hookah” by Tyga. She is NO rapper but its hilarious when she tries.
Hit the jump to see the video and the old one if you missed it!

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(Video) Drake Pokes Fun At Former Nemesis Chris Brown on Drake VS. Lil Wayne Tour!


Drake getting a lil’ too close for comfort? Too early or nah? During last nights tour stop on Lil Wayne vs Drake tour Lil’ Wayne performed his solo version of Chris Brown’s Loyal. Drake used to opportunity to poke fun at his former arch nemesis Breezy and performed short Chris Brown imitation as the song played out. Watch the funny video after the jump.


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(Video) Wild For The Night! LOL, Girls Just Want To Have Fun?!

IFWT_Laughing Face

Last weekend a video went viral of a smaller chick winning on a rather large guy, but like on his stomach, well this video is like part 2, not sure if it’s the same 2, but looks like it, and it’s kinda funny to see.

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(Video) LOL!! 50 Cent Talks Trolling With MTV!!


In order to laugh at others, you first have to be able to laugh at yourself. Well, that’s according to 50 Cent. In a recent interview with MTV, the Jamaica, Queens rapper went into detail about his very funny social media moments — including his reenactment of the Jay Z & Solange elevator episode. Check it out after the jump.

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