(Video) Vine Comp: Current Events, The Holidays And Twerks Sum Up Life?

IFWT_vine funny video

Is the Vine Comp the sum of our culture at the present moment? Of course, as low as it may seem, Twerking is exciting for men and women to check out, rather they admit it not. Now as much as we’d like it, tweaking is not the only thing in the Vine Comp, there are current events, like what’s going on in Ferguson, like the businesses being destroyed, and police officers being hit with objects, that was funny as hell!

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(Video) Sports: Kevin Hart Says Justin Bieber Can’t Handle Him On The Court


The official battle of the little guys on the basketball court may soon happen if Kevin Hart gets his way. He wants to get Justin Bieber on the court to prove he would whip him one on one. Kevin says he could beat Justin because he is bigger and stronger, even though Kevin is only 5’4 and the Biebs is 5’9. All jokes aside Kevin is pretty horrible to watch play basketball, but it is definitely entertaining.

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(Video) #BARS: “Rapping Dad” Is At It Again Spitting That Straight HEAT!


And he is at it again, folks! A father who goes by the alter-ego “Rapping Dad” posted yet another hilarious video of his new heat he spit in the car with his young daughter. SOMEONE SIGN THIS MAN ASAP! HE GOT #BARS! Listen for yourself below.

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(Photo) LOL! Cam’Ron Has Idea For Lifetime’s Next Movie


My G Cam is so funny! After Lifetime taking plenty of heat over Aaliyah’s Biopic that aired this weekend, with Timbaland leading the charge, everybody’s got a comment, and Cam might have the best one!

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(Photos) CTFU! Miley Cyrus Mocks Kim Kardashian In A Funny Instagram Post!!


Celebrities all over have been mocking the newly famous Paper Magazine of the butt naked Mrs. West! Miley couldn’t help but to join in herself. On Instagram, she posted a picture of Kim with her face inserted on one of the bodies, Miley’s eyes was all over the bottom, looking creepy but very funny! She then added the caption “killin me”, to finish it off!
Check out the pictures in the gallery…

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(Video) Nick Jonas Gives The Perfect Crotch Grabbing Tutorial In This Ridiculous Clip


After his recent underwear photo shoot for Flaunt magazine, Nick Jonas certainly has the crotch-grabbing technique down pack.

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(Video) Denzel Washington Does A Mean Jay-Z Impression!

_Denzel Washington

While out promoting his new film, The Equalizer, which is in theaters today, Denzel Washington recently stopped by The Queen Latifah show for a quick sit-down interview. During the interview Denzel gets to talking about Jay Z and when he was in the studio while he was recording “Change Clothes.” Check out Denzel’s rather good Jay Z impression after the jump.


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TOO FUNNY! Jimmy Kimmel Follows Newly Crowned Kira Kazantsev Around While Singing Miss America Theme Song

IFWT_Miss America1

Just when she thought it was safe… He’s back!

Jimmy Kimmel follows around the newly crowned Miss America Kira Kazantsev everywhere and sings the Miss America theme song while she does EVERYTHING. LOL

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(Video) Hilarious! Bobby Shmurda’s Hot N***a Inspired Marriage Proposal

Bobby Shmurda inspires wedding proposal

This definitely goes in the books as an epic proposal! This man decided to take the popular hit Hot N***a by Bobby Shmurda and propose to his girlfriend in this rhythmic parody called “Hot Finger” See the video after the jump!

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Teen Gets Fined For Nominating European Dictator For Ice Bucket Challenge!!


Talk about overdramatic! A teen in Belarus could face fines for nominating the Dictator of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. The teen posted the video online and received a call from the police not too long after. He was told if that him along with everyone in the video can receive fines for the nomination! Crazy! Hit the jump for more details!

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