Big Break! King Keraun Discusses How He Went From A Felon To YouTube Star!


King Keraun makes over 1 million people who follow him on Instagram laugh on a daily basis, but the road to instant fame wasn’t an easy one.

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(Photo) NBA: LMAO, Blake Griffin Shares Hilarious Pic From Inside DeAndre Jordan’s House Mocking The Mavs!


Blake Griffin is trolling so hard right now as reports continue to emerge that the Clippers players, along with coach/GM, Doc Rivers, are virtually holding DeAndre Jordan hostage in his own home in an attempt to block any meetings with Mavs owner Mark Cuban before the midnight deadline on NBA business ends and players can actually sign contracts.

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(Photos) NBA: LOL, Russell Westbrook Refers To Kendrick Perkins As “Sweet Cakes”


Russell Westbrook might be over in Milan for fashion week, but he isn’t too busy to crack jokes on a former teammate. Kendrick Perkins made the mistake of asking who was up on twitter late last night. Just so happened Russell saw it and replied in a way that I’m sure annoyed Kendrick for a second before he laughed. The words “sweet cakes” usually wouldn’t come to mind when thinking of Perkins, but thanks to Russ, now we do. Check the gallery!

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(Video) Sports: 50 Cent Stars In Hilarious Parody Of The Disney Movie “Air Bud”


50 Cent was on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night and somehow wound up being part of an “Air Bud” remake that was so corny that it was funny. Check out coach Greenberg (played by 50) convince the high school principal the dog is a better coach than he is.

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(Photos) NBA: There Is A Website Dedicated To Russell Westbrook Holding Things & It’s Hilarious!


I don’t know who decided to start this page but I want to shake their hand. A Tumblr account called “Russell Westbrook Holds Things” really has no purpose other than to make people laugh and that it does! It can be found at but in the mean time we picked some of the best ones for you! Check the gallery!

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(Video) LOL! Watch Big Bird Preform Big Pun’s “Still Not a Player”


Big Bird’s been holding out on us all these years, who knew he could spit barz like a pro? One Youtuber made a great mashup video of the big yellow bird with Big Pun’s classic ‘Still Not A Player’. Big Bird is actually preforming the Sesame Street song ‘That’s Cooperation’ The video is short, but it’s a great laugh. Watch the video after the jump.

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(Video) Ha! Kevin Hart Thanks Ex-Wife On IG For Mother’s Day, Tags Funny Little Boy Instead


Kevin Hart wrote a touching caption dedicated to his ex-wife for mother’s day, but apparently he doesn’t know her Instagram handle. He ended up tagging a Canadian boy; who had fun with the situation and earned himself a follow by BallerAlert. The IG posts are in the gallery, but check out this video of Jack (@torrei_hart) enjoying his 15 minutes of fame!

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(Video) NBA: CTFU! Kanye Caught Smiling With Scotty Pippen At Bulls Game Until He Sees The Camera


LMAO! Kanye West doesn’t want anyone to know he actually smiles and enjoys himself. This was made clear as he was laughing with Scotty Pippen at the Bulls game and the camera GOT EEEEEEEM! Yeezy’s smile turned upside down real quick and it’s too funny!
Watch the hilarious clip below!

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(Video) Funny Fight: These Cousins Are No Kin To Floyd..Even In May Weather!


This is one of the funniest fights I’ve seen in a while. Dude in the blue’s dialogue throughout the fight had me rolling; and dude in the gray kept chopping his feet when he was getting ready to punch; chasing the cousin in blue around the parking lot. The contender in blue threw kicks and, at one point, himself after he got really tired! Supposedly, they were fighting over some girls or something, but I can’t call it. Just watch!

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(Video) Got Em! Welven Da Great Meets The Fat Jewish With Jokes For Days


Welven Da Great and The Fat Jewish go back and forth, trying to “Get” one another in this video with Rosenberg, Laura Stylez and Ebro. The Fat Jew asks Welven how many b****es he has. Welven’s reply is priceless. Hit read more to see…….

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