IFWT_Drakes Views 02

As Drake released his album art for, Views, not to long ago, but he also released a meme generator along with it!

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Drake’s Views is a meme generator Drake released along with the reveal of his album art for Views. The generator lets you upload an image of your choosing and place little cutouts of Drake-sitting as he is on the cover of his new album-anywhere on the image to create you’re own Views album cover.

The program was designed by The Young Astronauts who are a Toronto-based interactive digital-media firm. They have done work for clients like Red Bull, Def Jam, Nickelodeon, and more. But shout out to the OVO squad for keeping up with the times!

Drake has been a meme for years now and he’s taking advantage of the benefits of being a popular internet image by getting you to help make more of them, and its all going to help promote the release of Views. Just think about it. After the release of his album people are going to be quoting lines and the most popular way messages are communicated on the internet today are through memes… and there are going to be plenty of fresh new Drake memes to choose from now! Especially since the program is mobile friendly too!

I’m not gonna front, a lot of these memes are pretty funny if you want a quick laugh. The Young Astronauts have already put together an entire Instagram page composed of memes created by their generator.

Source: Hot97