The Game & Tiffany Cambridge

Not too long after wrapping a second successful season of their VH1 reality show “Marrying The Game,” rapper The Game and his fianceé/children’s mother Tiffney Cambridge have called it quits…again. It’s been a bit of a bumpy road for this pair from the start, having broken up and calling off the engagement just a week before the wedding and before the TV show ever even aired. They then obviously worked it out and were doing well for a while, until another bump in mid-2013 when Tiffney gave Game the ring back. Once more it was worked out, and now it’s over once more as well, with Game airing out the issues via social media over the weekend.

Taking to Instagram, the Compton rapper commented on a photo on the page of Tiffney’s friend, reality star Tammi Roman, threatening her for, as he puts it, “ruining my family!!!!!” Shortly afterward, he posted a graphic to his account that simply read, “Single.” (All available in the gallery.) Game and Tiff have worked it out multiple times in the past, so there’s definitely a chance this can be worked out now as well. Not to mention: he’s rumored to be joining the cast of Love & Hip-Hop L.A., and this all could just be the makings of a story line! Oh Mona, you and your shenanigans!

Marisa Mendez

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