Record Executive, Clive Davis –known for the discovery of numerous talented music artists– sat down with a reporter from the LA Times to discuss his annual Pre-Grammy party in Beverly Hills. Of course, the conversation shifted to that of the late, great Whitney Houston, where Mr. Davis mentioned a new project is on the way: the project, he deems, is close to his heart.

The project is a Whitney Houston album. Unlike traditional posthumous albums, this one will be a compilation of live performances. Here’s what he had to say:

“Whitney never had a live album. I really want everyone to know … exactly why during her time she was considered the greatest contemporary singer in the world.

I’m going through all these recordings of her performances now, many of which I wasn’t at, such as when she was in South Africa. It’s a revelation: You really hear how astonishing and powerful and compelling she was in a way that wasn’t captured on the studio albums or in her movie performances.”

In the meantime, check out one of her THE best live performances EVER, below.

Jamaal Fisher