Michael B. Jordan’s career continues to take off, as he has been to play Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch, in the reboot of “Fantastic Four.”

Jade Raven

Though Johnny Storm is a young white man, with blonde hair and blue eyes, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Jordan has been involved with the project for a while. The studio had him as an option due to him starring in the found footage sci-fi hit Chronicle, which was also directed by Trank.

When asked by TMZ on what he says to critics about him being black and playing the Human Torch, Jordan replies, “They can all go see it anyway.”

Good for him!

The rest of the cast includes, Jordan’s “The Awkward Moment” co-star Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm/The Thing, Miles Teller as Reid Richards/Mr. Fantastic, and Kate Mara to play Jordan’s sister Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman.

The movie is slated to release June 19, 2015.

Will you watch?