So much for all the funny memes that exploded on twitter and instagram last night about Lebron’s mask. It might of been the only chance you get to see him wear it. The NBA announced today that even though they technically have not banned the mask, they would really prefer if he wore the clear one starting with Miami’s next game. It didn’t seem to bother him at all as he did his usual thing on the court. But it sounds like the NBA is not worried about him. They are worried about people guarding him. Hit the jump.


The reason the league prefers the ‘clear’ is so that opponents can see a player’s eyes. They have set rules about goggles, which came into play with Dwyane Wade in New York in 2011. It basically revolves around defenders not being able to see Lebron’s eyes through the mask which they feel put the defense at an unfair disadvantage. However it is pretty obvious that even when the rest of the league can see Bron’s face with no problem they still can’t stop him anyway