Nothing good ever comes out of ignoring Uncle Sam! These celebrities really need to learn the importance of paying their taxes. Tyga reportedly owes the IRS 100,000! It’s ironic because thats close to the amount he just paid to decorate his new Los Angeles store ‘Last Kings’! His priorities aren’t necessarily straight! Check out the details!

Jayyiah Coles

According to a federal tax lien — the rapper owes $11,201 for 2009, $4,437 for 2010, and $76,008 for 2011. The total comes to $91,648 — almost the exact amount he spent decorating his brand new L.A. clothing store, Last Kings. Among the ornaments … a $20,000 Egyptian tomb. Tyga spent $120,000—which is more than he owes Uncle Sam—to decorate the Last Kings store. Also, the Maybach was allegedly $2.2M.

Let’s get it together, the bill will only get bigger. Learn from the mistakes of others!!