Sucks to be that guy. Whether it’s because of a ticket or this, parking by a hydrant is no joke! A man in Boston found out the hard way after his BMW was illegally parked. In addition to a ticket, firefighter’s channeled their inner Jasmine Sullivan once they busted the windows out of his car. It needed to be done because, well, there was a fire nearby. Catch the full story after the jump.

Jamaal Fisher

The 8-alarm fire on Lexington Street in East Boston started after a Toyota engine caught fire in a nearby alley. That fire found its way to the nearby buildings, leaving about 3 dozen residents homeless. Thankfully no one was hurt, except for the owner of the BMW pictured above.

The majority of nearby hydrants were already in use, yet the fire was still out of control. About a block away, firefighters found another, but it was blocked by the car. Wasting no time, the workers did what they had to do: they smashed the front windows to run the line through the front seat.

“You don’t want to lose the full force of the water you’re getting from the hydrant,” Steve MacDonald of Boston Fire said. “It’s important to be as straight as possible.” But that wasn’t the entire battle with the car, it also had to be moved slightly due to a kink in the line. “You can move the car a short distance which is what they did to get the kink out,” MacDonald said. “Again this is all effort that should be concentrated on putting the fire out.”

After the fire was under control, the owner of the car drove away with a $100 fine for the parking violation. Also, it turns out that the car was purchased just two days prior. Whoa.

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