IFWT_V and don

Yesterday the world rejoiced when racist Clippers owner Donald Sterling was banned for life from the NBA (with a fine and will be forced to sell the team).   V. Stiviano is the woman who is accused of leaking the tapes — even though she denies it — and was his mistress/girlfriend (again she denied that too).  Well she’s reacted to the NBA’s punishment.   Check it out…



Via FoxSports:

V. Stiviano is ”very saddened” by his lifetime NBA ban, and she didn’t release the recording of their conversation, her lawyer said Tuesday.

Stiviano ”never wanted any harm to Donald,” Siamak Nehoray of Calabasas told the Los Angeles Times.

Somebody released it ”for money,” but it wasn’t Stiviano, the attorney said.  ”My client is devastated that this got out,” he said.