It looks like things have finally come full circle for troubled R&B singer Chris Brown. After a long list of offenses starting with the assault of former girlfriend, pop superstar Rihanna, to the altercation with rival singer Frank Ocean, and lastly the DC assault victim he and his body guard plead guilty to roughing up. Looks like Brown may be getting some bitter but much needed medicine after pleading guilty on Friday in DC assault case. Deet Inside.

On last week, Brown admitted to parole violation after attacking DC assault victim. On this past Friday, Judge James R. Brandlin sentenced the singer to an additional 131 more days in jail. The judge originally ruled 365 days but gave the 7 weeks in singer credit for 234 days of time served due to already being in custody as well as his rehab stints.

Well Breezy, it looks like you finally got that call for help answered. I’m sure some peace, solitude and soul searching may just be the thing needed to get back the reins of his life. Hang in there Breezy.

You think CB’s punishment is too harsh, or just and fair?

Andrea G

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